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Voice 4 Voice

Voice 4 Voice is our monthly recurring donation campaign. Your recurring donation will help us continue our mission to create positive change through dialogue and arts and empower young leaders worldwide.

We Amplify your Contribution

Together we invest in the future

UWP’s model enables your gift not only to go directly to empower youth, it also multiplies UWPs impact on the world.
Our network of alumni and partners helps to reduce costs, allowing every contribution to go further.

We build a Global Changemaker Community who discourse, collaborate and spread a shared messages for peace, equality, and a better world

How does it work?

It’s easy to make a difference by becoming a recurring donor:

    • STEP: 1

      Visit our donation platform, select your desired giving level, and click “subscribe.”

    • STEP: 2

      Your chosen amount will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.

    • STEP: 3

      We will amplify your contribution and put it towards building a community of global leaders.

Every amount makes a difference! Your donation helps Up with People unite youth to be the Voice for peace, dignity, respect, and justice for their community and the world.
Donate $1,200 annually and join the Global Leaders Circle.