1. Good afternoon , I Am also a rep from the 80s I haven’t been involved with up with people as much I want due to life issues and all that comes with living life but ,like you I feel that the world needs more transparency and even though we are connected more than ever with social media ,I feel that the world still needs a proven and human approach to the building and repairing those bridges that UWP has created and nowadays so much the world is so needing again , I like to congratulate you on your new position and like to offer my assistance is needed in the south Florida area from m which I am from , I’ve been wanting to have a cast back to this area and want to help arranging this endeavor
    Looking forward to see how we can contact and realize this project

    1. Hi there, Carlos! Please use this link ( to contact Craig!

      Thanks for reaching out.
      -Matthew Serafin

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